Information to complete your paperwork and payment on time:


        Trip date:  JULY 8-12, 2019  (Dates will be Mon – Fri)


Cost: $1,600 - $1,800 (NOTE: We usually set our prices in the fall but the last 2 years we’ve gone in the red with ticket prices and being a Missions Ministry we can’t continue to operate in the negative. For that reason in 2019 we’ve set a policy with our summer teams that because of higher ticket prices we will set a price after the first of the year. In January 11, 2019 we will research airline tickets. They were much more expensive in 2018 so we will wait and confirm before setting the final price. It will be in the above quoted price range.) It will be minimum $1,600 and maximum of $1,800

 Date payment Due:  MARCH 1, 2019 (Payment: Lump sum)

 Documents required: The SB Application/Documents are available for download at: www.eimworldwide.org  located at the “serve with us” Shepherd’s Bag link, 1) Application Submitted Online 2) Two passport photocopies (colored copies preferred but not required), 3) Medical & Liability release and minor release if under 18 at the time of the trip) NOTE: If you don’t have your passport by the due date, send your PP copies immediately after receiving it. NOTE: If you currently have a passport, it must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected departure from Honduras. If it does not, you will need to get it renewed.

 Covered Expenses: The $1,600-$1,800 includes:

    • Airline tickets, ground transportation in Honduras, overseas travel insurance and all meals and lodging while in Honduras during mission days.

 $1,600-$1,800 – Your fee also covers: Van driver’s salary & lodging/meals for him for the week.

Costs for transporting the Shepherd Bags from our main storage warehouse to the location where we will be ministering during the week. (Before the team arrives, the SB will be loaded & transported to our distribution area to be stored during our stay) Involves fuel, storage costs, labor etc. These are costs involved with being able to take the Shepherd’s Bags to areas where no one else usually goes, the Unharvested Fields to preach the saving Gospel of Christ.

 Non-Covered ExpensesMeals traveling to/from Honduras if any, $50 checked luggage fee ($25 each way), room service/laundry fees at the hotel if you use them, recreation tours if any, shopping/souvenirs & any emergency money.  Note: There is always the chance there could be a long layover when you are traveling (the airlines are not responsible for weather related delays), so remember to have some emergency cash/credit card with you at all times to cover food/hotel if we have an unexpected delay either in USA OR Honduras.  Items purchased in airports can be expensive. EIM does not assume costs beyond the Covered Expenses listed above.

  **NOTE: Since EIM is a 501 C3 Non-Profit mission agency, all money given to pay for your mission trip is non-refundable if you cancel for any reason**


 Trip Itinerary/Timeline:

 Location: Our EIM Director in Honduras, Manuel Lepe, sets up our locations with school administration in the specific area of Honduras that we will travel to and minister in. He will let me know the specifics such as location/hotel, etc. approximately 6-8 weeks before departure. Once I know I will provide the location and the hotel information and any team/travel specifics that you will need to know to plan.

 Daily Itinerary: (Manuel will give us our schedule each day, time frame, etc.)

  • Monday:  After we land in San Pedro Sula, we are taken to eat lunch in SPS or somewhere in route and then travel to our ministry destination and get settled in our hotel.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: We will travel to two schools in the morning and two in the afternoon each day. (12 schools for the week). At each school, officials have the children to gather and the Gospel is presented to them, any school officials that are around as well as any adults that are usually nearby. All are given a chance to respond to an invitation for salvation. At each school we will let the children open their bags and we play Frisbee, balls, or whatever the children are interested in that’s in their bag. The kids love it when you play “hand games” such as patty cake, funny handshakes, throw Frisbees, bounce balls, etc. You don’t have to speak the same language to play and love on them. How much time we spend in the afternoon will depend on how far the schools are from our hotel. If we are in a rural area that we have to drive a long way, we leave earlier to avoid being on the rural roads after dark. We normally eat at the hotel we for breakfast/dinner but sometimes we go out depending on what’s available that would be safe to eat.  Lunch each day will be at a restaurant or we will picnic with lunch supplies that we take each day. Manuel shops for us at Costco in San Pedro Sula before our arrival so if we picnic it will be “American” style picnic with sandwiches, chips, nuts, snacks, etc.
  • Friday: Travel to airport and return home. It normally takes a couple of hours to work through check in and customs at the airport. Wear comfortable shoes.


  • Meals: Our breakfast/dinner will either be at our hotel or a restaurant in the area we are working. Manuel will only take us to places that he deems safe for Americans to eat. However, it is a foreign country and with that thought we always advise you to never eat fresh fruit/vegetables that are not peeled or cooked. Lunches each day will be at a restaurant or picnics with food that is bought for us at Costco. Snacks are provided with these lunches so you will not go hungry! However, if you know that you must have special items such as gluten free, sugar free packets, etc. they are not available in Honduras so please consider packing specialty items for yourself. Diet coke or coke zero is available however.
  • Drinks: We provide cases of bottled water and you can have all the bottled water you need during the week and to keep in your hotel room to drink and use to brush your teeth. You do NOT put your toothbrush under the sink water. We will have soft drinks to take for lunches. We will have cases of coke, diet coke, sprite. Dr. Pepper is not available in Honduras. We have them in an ice chest and pack them with us each day. At restaurants you can order bottled drinks with your meals. It’s all included.  


  • Shopping: If time permits and there is a place to shop at close by, we will let you go one day after we finish at the schools. Sometimes however there may not be a place where we are. We always try to get to the airport early to allow ourselves time to get checked in and let the team shop at the souvenir shops in the airport. While a few things can be pricey, I’ve found for airport items they really do have some neat things at inexpensive prices. Save room in your carry-on luggage if you know you want to pick up some items at the airport so you can pack them in them before boarding.
  • Extras: Due to ministry time limits we normally minister in schools then go to the hotel. But on rare occasion we have had an opportunity to tour a special location in the area that we serve. If we did, that could cost $5-$20. Always have extra funds on hand in case an opportunity opens up for us.


  • We advise you to not wear your “best” clothing during ministry at the schools since we will run, play, possibly have to sit on the ground, many times animal droppings are around, etc. We never know the terrain. Sometimes we park right beside the school but many times we have to walk up dusty roads, trails, mountain sides, cross creeks, etc. so we ask that you wear tennis shoes (closed toed), modest clothing such as pants, capri’s, *shorts, t-shirts, etc. will be great. *If you wear shorts, we ask that you please consider modesty and no short shorts and tops with spaghetti straps with undergarments showing etc. Thank you for honoring this request. Many times people go swimming at the pool if it’s nice enough and if you do we ask that you wear a modest one piece. When we’re done for the day at the schools, whether we eat at the hotel or go out, you can wear sandals, flip flops, etc. and shorts, etc. but still ask that you consider modesty.  It’s advisable to bring an umbrella and/or light rain jacket/poncho as July is in the rainy season.


Medications/First Aid:

  • I pack a small first aid kit to keep for the group OR each person can bring whatever first aid/medicines they need or desire to have with them in their backpacks. (that’s what I do)  If we minister in town, there are pharmacies but if we’re in a rural area we won’t have access to specialized drugs so pack what you need. EVERYONE needs to make sure they have any medications they must take and anti-diarrheal meds and pepto-bismuth. You never know because we’re usually a distance from our hotel.

Backpack/fanny pack/bag/Carry-on):

  • You don’t have to travel to Honduras with a back pack however if you do not, please pack one or a bag of some kind because when we leave each morning we rarely go back to the hotel until the end of the day so we always encourage everyone to consider this and take a bag of some kind to keep any personal items you may need/want for the day. (Meds, A LOT OF hand sanitizers, wipes, feminine items, mosquito repellant, first aid, etc.) We don’t always have a place to wash our hands so hand sanitizers are very important both wipes and liquids.
  • Carry-on: Always remember to put a change of clothing, toiletries, meds, etc. in your carry-on to have in case of delayed flight that we have to overnight somewhere and you don’t have your checked luggage.


  •          There are NO immunizations required for Honduras. We do strongly advise you to make sure you have an updated tetanus shot.