Sermon Title: Outside In or Inside out? 

Sermon Text: Mark 7:1-23 

Sermon Truth:  The Gospel is not that we make ourselves right by what we do.  The Gospel is that God makes us right by what he has done.  

Discussion Questions: 

1. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?  Why is this not a good gauge for righteousness?  What should our goal be for right living?  
2. What is the purpose behind God’s commandments in the scriptures? What is the risk of exalting our preferences above what God’s Word commands?  
3. As you consider the last part of this text, do you think God is more concerned with the inside of a person or the outside actions?  
4. Because all of us are defiled (sinful) on the inside, we have a problem.  What has God done to wash away your sickness?  Have you trusted in Jesus to wash away your sins? Have you turned from your sins? 

Complementary Scripture Reading: Psalm 51 

Prayer thoughts:

1. Pray that you would not compare yourself to others. 

2. Pray that God would stir up a desire inside of you to seek out his commandments in his word. 

3. Pray that God would remove your greatest sickness. (Sin)

4. Pray that God would heal others around you of their sickness. (Salvation) 

5. Pray that we would at this time (while constantly being reminded of the COVID-19 virus) remember that there is a greater sickness that has a 100% infection rate.

6. Pray a thanks to God that there is a cure for this sickness.